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Privacy Policy


I've tried to make this as short and understandable as possible while retaining all of the necessary information.

1. Cookies

This site, like most others, uses cookies. Cookies on my website are used to analyse traffic and personalise your experience. By browse my site, you are agreeing to my use of cookies. If you would like more information on how to delete or control cookies, see this page (opens in new window).

2. Analytics

Like a lot of site owners, I use Google Analytics to analyse my website traffic. This means information such as your country, operating system and IP address may be collected. I will use this information ONLY for analysing traffic to optimise my site better. The data collected cannot be used to personally identify you, and nor will I ever attempt to do so.

3. Purchases

When you purchase anything from my site, I will receive your name, email address, postal address, and in some cases, your phone number. This information is required to send you your order. I will NEVER receive information such as your credit or debit card number. This is kept encrypted while your purchase is processed, and is never sent or shown to me in any way.

4. Your Information & Third Parties

Your information will ONLY be shared with third parties when you purchase an item, but ONLY FOR THE PURPOSE OF DELIVERING YOUR ORDER. Your personal information will NEVER be sold to or shared with ANY third parties for ANY reason other than to print and send you your photos whenever you make a purchase.

5. Confidentiality

All of your personal details are kept completely confidential. The only time I would ever disclose any of your information would be for sending items you have ordered to your address (done so automatically as described in the section above), or to law enforcement if ever required to do so for a valid lawful reason. 

6. Changes To This Page

I am allowed, at my sole discretion, to modify this page whenever I deem fit without prior or post notice. You are solely responsible for checking for any changes in this policy.

By using this site, you are agreeing to the policy outlined above.

Policy Last Updated:

29/08/2017 @ 15:30 (DD/MM/YYYY @ hh:mm)

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