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Service Availability:

Online Bookings: Limited
Offline Bookings: Available

I currently only accept online bookings on a case-by-case basis if you contact me beforehand. However, if you know me in person, you may contact me, and you will be able to hire me for pretty much any date and time.

Booking Terms

By booking me as your event photographer, you are agreeing to my termsprivacy policy and the following terms and conditions below:

1. Location

- EVERY booking location MUST be based in the UK only.

- If you really want me specifically to carry out your photoshoot and you are outside of the UK, you are also required to pay for any of my travel expenses to get to your location.

2. Payment

- Bookings cost £300 each both online and offline.

- You must pay this price using my online booking form, or after the event is over if booked offline in person.

- Downloading your photos from this site is free, although you may order physical prints separately for an additional price.

- I may offer a discounted service for charity clients (please contact me).

3. Times

- You may place a booking up to 180 days in advance.

- You must place a booking at the latest of 7 days notice before your event.

- You may book me for any weekday (from Monday to Friday) or weekend (Saturday or Sunday).

- Each booking lasts for the entire day from 7AM until midnight or until no longer needed.

4. Service

- Each photo will be available to download as a digital file for free on this website. A link will be sent to you via email when they are ready (usually within 3 to 5 days depending on the number of pictures).

- Photos will be available in the Client Area, where a thumbnail will be displayed (unless you opt out), and your page will be password protected at you request.

- If you would like physical prints of your photos, you must order these separately.

4.1 Assignees

- I reserve the right to appoint an assignee photographer to help me with your booking.

- You are free to request an additional photographer (assignee) for your event. However, there is absolutely no guarantee that anyone will be available.

- Any and all attending assignees have the same rights as me.

- Additional assignee photographers will be free of charge.

5. Paperwork

- You must sign a document stating that you and your event participants agree to have your photos taken by me and/or my assignees, and uploaded to the site.

- If one or more minors (under 18s) are involved in the photoshoot, you will have to sign a separate agreement along with the primary one stated above, and you must be the minor's legal parent or guardian, or get their written consent.

- These terms will be explained in further detail within the documents.

6. Reschedules, Cancellations & Refunds

- Please contact me if you wish to reschedule or cancel your appointment, or do so online on the booking form.

- There is no fee for a reschedule or cancellation.

- You will only be entitled to a full refund when cancelling a booking. You cannot be granted a refund of any kind if I have already provided the service you originally paid for.

7. Terms Changes

- I am allowed, at my sole discretion, to modify this page whenever I deem fit without prior or post notice. You are solely responsible for checking for any changes in these terms.

- Terms will apply to you at the time of your booking.

By booking me, you are agreeing to the terms outlined above, including my site terms and privacy policy.

Terms Last Updated:

22/02/2018 @ 16:00 (DD/MM/YYYY @ hh:mm)